Bridge Expansion Joint


Doshin rubber bridge expansion joints comprise steel angles and steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. Bridge expansion joint is capable of sustaining loads and movements up to 330 mm without damaging the surface or supporting structure during its working life. It has good riding quality and skid resistance that is not hazardous to all road users.


Extended durability

Encased in corrosive resistant elastomer

Water tightness

Smooth wear resistant surfacing


Elastometric Expansion Device Specifications

The Neoprene or NR compound for this expansion device shall be in accordance with ASTM D2000 Specification:

Requirements Physical Properties
60 + 5 Hardness - Shore A
1500 psi Tensile Strength
325 % min. Ultimate Elongation
35 % max. Compression Set 22hrs @ 100° C
No Cracks Ozone Resistance 25pphm / 20 % strain / 96 hrs / 40° C
120 % max. ASTM oil # 3 for 70 hrs @ 100° C
  Heat Resistance : 70hrs @ 100° C
+15 Change in Hardness
-15% Change in Tensile Strength
-40% Change in Elongation