The flexible plug expansion joint system, POLYFLEX-Advanced PU, is a completely new development based on elastic polymers and a new generation of flexible plug expansion joints. Compared to other expansion joints, flexible plug expansion joints offer several advantages including: unsurpassed driving comfort, nearly zero noise emission, 100% water tightness, highly flexible installation possibilities in sections.
The POLYFLEX-Advanced PU joint uses a durable, fully elastic material with a very high tear resistance and at the same time causes very low reaction forces.


The POLYFLEX-Advanced PU plug expansion joint system can be cast into almost any joint shape (e.g. upstands, skewed angles, T and X joints, etc.). Plug expansion joints are suitable for the use in bridges, infrastructural projects such as architectural and industrial structures like shopping malls, car-parks, airport buildings or railway stations. It is also applicable in pharmaceutical industries and hospitals where sterile joints and crossings are very important.